Energy Efficiency Consulting and Energy Audits North Dakota
Our Services
  1. Utility Analysis
    Understanding where current utility bill expenditures are going is an important first step. Metrics are calculated to measure a building against similar buildings to create an understanding of existing performance.
  2. Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's)
    AES looks for any and all ways to save energy and water usage within a given building.
  3. Savings Analysis
    Using engineering principles, savings are calculated for respective ECM's. Savings numbers help building owners make informed decisions regarding building investment.
  4. Rebate and Grant Applications
    ECM's are often eligible for "OPM's" - Other People's Money! AES has experience completing applications on behalf of the building owner to meet respective requirements.
  5. Measurement & Verification
    Following the implementation of ECM's, it may be required to look at "Before Vs. After" utility expenditures to ensure systems are operating as designed and installed.
  6. Project Management
    AES can provide full service Construction Administration during implementation. The scale of involvement can vary depending on project scale, complexity and/or owner initiative.
  7. Energy Waste Investigations
    Is the increase in a buildings energy usage an anomaly or a result of a buildings energy performance? AES will sort out the details and provide answers.
  8. Energy Audits
    This service is customizable to the client and can range from simple low-cost/no-cost recommendations to full investment grade audits.
Energy Audits North Dakota