Energy Efficiency Consulting and Energy Audits North Dakota
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, "Energy Efficiency is one the easiest and most cost effective ways to combat climate change, clean the air we breathe, improve the competitiveness of our businesses and reduce energy costs for our consumers."

Absolute Energy Savings LLC (AES) is an energy efficiency consulting firm specializing in identifying Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's) for clients in commercial and industrial settings. 
AES works with clients who are proactive in decreasing expenses through the elimination of energy waste. 


Jason Schmidt - Superintendent of Ashley School

“We initially intended to replace some very old heating equipment that was leaky and inefficient.  Eric identified a package of energy conservation measures that helped to cover 50% of the cost for new energy efficient HVAC controls.  We received a grant of over $40,000 to help pay for LED lighting upgrades, occupancy sensors and the new HVAC controls. Eric was easy to work with and helped us throughout the whole process.”

Superintendent - North Dakota School District

“The energy conservation projects in our district resulted in a 22% decrease in utility expenditures.  Eric also completed the grant applications on our behalf which resulted in over $49,000 to put towards our building improvements.  The school board was very pleased with the results of this project.”

Steven Heim - Superintendent of Drake-Anamoose School District

“We needed to replace some old heating units at Anamoose School and were challenged with limited funds.  Eric’s analysis showed we would save energy by upgrading the control system and we applied for a grant to help pay for the new energy efficient controls.  We received a grant of $3,900 to help pay for the new system.”
  1. Utility Expenditures Analysis
    A detailed look at historical utility expenditures helps to understand existing building performance
  2. Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's)
    Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's)
    AES will investigate any and all opportunities to save energy and water
  3. Energy Waste Investigation
    Energy Waste Investigation
    Why do utility bills keep increasing? AES can provide the answers.
  4. Project Management
    Project Management
    AES can provide full service Construction Administration services
Energy Audits North Dakota